The management team


Jacques Godfrain

A 67-year old politician and economist, Jacques Godfrain served as Minister for Cooperation (i. e. African issues) in Alain Juppé’s cabinet, from 1995 to 1997. He first belonged to the presidential staff under Pompidou administration (1973-1974) and became member of the French Parliament in 1978. He actually sat in the French National Assembly til 2007, as a représentative of the « Averyron » district. Vice-chairman of the gaullist group at the French national Assembly from 1981 to 1995, he also ran the city of Millau as a mayor, from 1995 to 2008. Chairman of the French-speaking Association for freedom and contact, he is also chairman of the French Voulunteers. He became chairman of the Charles de Gaulle Foundation on January, 18th 2011.


Marc Fosseux
Secretary General

A 42-year old member of the French revenue court (on leave of absence), Marc Fosseux works as an executive director in a big French insurance company. He served in Jean-Pierre Raffarin’s staff, when the latter was Prime Minister (2002-2004). He is a member of the Charles de Gaulle Foundation since 2008 became its Secretary General on January, 18th 2011.




General (2s) François Kessler
Managing Director

General François Kessler was born on 20th February 1945. A graduate of Saint-Cyr military academy, the War College and NATO’s Defense College, he served in a number of mechanized infantry units and in the Foreign Legion in France, Germany and the French Overseas Territories and for a number of French and Allied Staffs. After having been in command of the Third Infantry Regiment, he became Chief of Staff of the French Military Mission to the Supreme Allied Commander Europe. He has directed the Fondation Charles de Gaulle since September 2001.